The Dark Eros Tantra is an erotic and spiritual journey that allows you to explore the most taboo aspects of yourself.

This original tantra and personal development workshop created by Cinquante Nuances de Tantra offers you the opportunity to open yourself to new experiences, creatively explore your sexual energy and its taboos, free yourself from shame and guilt imprints, and connect with your body in a more authentic and profound way.

The benefits of participating in the workshop are as diverse as the are numerous :

    • Firstly, you will learn to free yourself from your fears and emotional blocks.


    • You will learn to open yourself to more intensity and elevate your energy.


    • You will also discover new techniques to enhance your relational and sexual life.

    • Discover your wild and playful aspects in a creative way.

    • Finally, you will develop your confidence in your free will and self-esteem, allowing you to experience more fulfilling romantic relationships.

“The Dark Eros Tantra: a unique experience to explore your sexuality”


Our Dark Eros Tantra workshop is an exciting journey into the depths of the unconscious, designed to help you discover your full potential and cultivate fulfilling sexuality. It’s a unique opportunity to explore the most intimate aspects of your personality and develop a deeper relationship with yourself and others.

You will connect with your body and mind more meaningfully while exploring the darker and more exciting aspects of your sexuality in a supportive setting. You’ll discover ways to unleash your creativity and sensuality playfully, so you can experience a more fulfilling and satisfying sex life.

By participating in this workshop, you open yourself to a new dimension of your personality while developing new skills and exploring new horizons. You’ll learn more about yourself, your desires, fantasies, and limits, accepting yourself as you are and freeing yourself from fears and blockages that may weigh you down.

The Dark Eros Tantra workshop is a transformative journey that will allow you to discover new perspectives on yourself and the world around you. You’ll establish new connections and bonds while freeing yourself from fears and inhibitions, regaining your free will and confidence.


Our Dark Eros Tantra workshop is a golden opportunity to explore your creativity, sensuality, and sexuality.


It’s an exciting journey that will allow you to discover your full potential and cultivate a richer and more fulfilling life.

Don’t wait any longer, sign up now and discover the numerous benefits and treasures that this unique Tantra and personal development workshop has to offer.

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