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Fifty Shades of Tantra

Fifty Shades of Tantra is a school of Tantra, conscious kink, and sensual creativity arts. 

 An invitation to embark on the path of sacred sexuality

Karl Di Foggia and Céline Dalverny offer their guidance through tantra workshops, training sessions, and individual sessions for couples and individuals.

Just for You

Our proposals for conscious growth experiences

IN GROUP: Our workshops, evenings, tantra retreats, and massage training sessions

For individuals who wish to meet and grow with other beautiful souls on the path

For couples who wish to benefit from a privileged space to deepen their intimate relationship

Discover our tantra workshops with unique themes and engage in group experiences:

  • Tantra & Sacred Sexuality
  • Dark Eros I et  II
  • Tantra & massages
  • Tantra & Shibari
  • Tantra couples
  • Tantra for Women

Faire une plongée au cœur de soi et oser transformer ses émotions, blessures, peurs et croyances pour mieux s’approfondir et se rayonner avec confiance dans la vie, l’amour, la sexualité, la sensualité, les arts d’éros et la mort.

Embark on a personal Tantric Massage training to explore your own body and that of others. Learn the art of consent, develop sensuality, and gain confidence in intimate relationships through heightened awareness and consciousness.

A journey of personal and corporeal awakening to enhance your sensual intelligence and pleasure capacity.

NEW for 2024

Professional Tantric Massage Training (+230 hours of training)

An evening to connect, create a sacred and nurturing space allowing you to live and discover unique explorations and experiences around themes such as:

  • Consent,
  • Pleasure and Sensuality,
  • Masculine and Feminine,
  • Conscious Touch.

A privileged space for adventurers in life, sensuality, pleasure, and human relationships


In individual or couple sessions: love coaching, couples therapy, and tantric massages.

Indulge in a session of Tantric Massage, whether alone or as a couple, allowing yourself to experience the unique and profound sensations of receiving and letting go of control… fully surrendering to your senses.

A tantric massage ritual addresses the entire body, the senses, and the deeper self:

Through a subtle interplay of deep tissue massage and energetic, sensual flows, you can welcome and release stored emotions, dissipating blockages and tensions, making space for increased vitality, energy, and pleasure.

An invitation to experience the three keys of Tantra: Breath, Sounds, and Movements, and to learn how to channel your life energy.

A beautiful gift to give or receive, one that has the potential to transform your life

An unique and profound experience, intense, sensual, and meditative, allowing you to surrender to the pleasures of letting go!

Sessions available for individuals and couples.

From 3-hour themed workshops to 5-day custom-tailored retreats exclusively for you.

Experience the joy of being in your own space while benefiting from our full presence and guidance just for you.

We are here to assist you in reconnecting with yourself, your body, your emotions, and your being; communicating differently; nurturing desire; and transforming challenges into opportunities for growth together.

A perfect blend of relationship coaching, couples therapy, and Tantra experiences to guide you towards your goals and personal radiance.


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for couples and singles


Our Commitments

Providing you with a clear framework & an inviting space
conducive to your growth


We commit, along withneach participant, to respect c onfidentiality :
-Non disclosure of the content of the workshop and its structures
- Non disclosure of the participants' identities or their experiences
What happens there is unique and remains in the magic of the present moment.


Authenticity, self-respect, respect for one's needs and limits, as well as those of others. Accepting differences without judgment.
You have the right to try and change your mind. Emotions and vulnerability are welcome and an integral part of our work.


All our practices are offered with clear explanations and often demonstrated.
There is no obligation to do anything! You choose your level of involvement at every moment.
And you have the right to change your mind! You are always able to communicate: propose, welcome, accept, refuse, adjust, negotiate. You've got the POWER!


We stand by you to facilitate your experience in a space of confidentiality, safety, sex-positivity, and kindness, free from judgment, respecting your boundaries, those of others, and within our clear and participant-approved practice framework.
Inclusivity extends to the diversity of beings, gender, and sexual orientation, sometimes beyond heteronormative norms.


Join us and take action!

May 25
25 May 2024 25 May - 26 May
Espace Symbiose, Rte de la Maladière 4
Chavannes-près-Renens, Vaud 1022 Suisse
May 27
27 May 2024 10 h 30 min - 18 h 30 min
Espace Yoga Lotus Préverenges, Route de Lausanne 21
Préverenges, 1028 Suisse
July 2024
Jul 17
17 July 2024 17 July - 21 July
Domaine de la Potière, 678 montée du village
Eurre, 26 400 France
Sep 28
28 September 2024 28 September - 29 September
Sep 30
30 September 2024 10 h 30 min - 18 h 30 min
Espace Yoga Lotus Préverenges, Route de Lausanne 21
Préverenges, 1028 Suisse
November 2024
Nov 04
04 November 2024 4 November - 9 November
Les fougères Mirmande, 1525 route des Reys
Mirmande, Drôme 26270 France
Nov 11
11 November 2024 11 November - 15 November
Les fougères Mirmande, 1525 route des Reys
Mirmande, Drôme 26270 France
Nov 25
25 November 2024 10 h 30 min - 18 h 30 min
Espace Yoga Lotus Préverenges, Route de Lausanne 21
Préverenges, 1028 Suisse
February 2025
Feb 03
03 February 2025 10 h 30 min - 18 h 30 min
Espace Yoga Lotus Préverenges, Route de Lausanne 21
Préverenges, 1028 Suisse


One woman, one man, and a couple to guide you

A couple in the city (and in the countryside!), a tantric couple, a loving couple, a parenting couple, a couple in our work, and on the path towards more consciousness in our relationships—a couple with its shadows and lights.

We passionately share our humanity and qualities of availability, generosity, kindness, and integrity in service of your evolution.



séance individuelle céline

I am deeply committed to sharing with each individual how tantra has transformed my life as a woman, partner, and mother. I feel completely aligned in my feminine power to be who I am, fully alive.

I guide you towards your own evolution so that you too can savor life to the fullest, be serene in your relationships, and in harmony with yourself.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions!



Explorer of life and consciousness, I love to create and share my magic, drawing from 15 years of professional experience in body-mind therapy, energy work, massage, training, and Tantra. I bring all the best ingredients together in a unique approach that facilitates profound evolution and transformation, leading to fulfillment in your love, relationships, and sexuality.

I would be delighted to accompany you on your journey.




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To Inspire You and Answer Your Initial Questions

Reading Corner:

Take a moment with yourself to take the time to be inspired on a subject or theme that speaks…

Here you will find our latest articles on relationships, love, sacred sexuality, kink, and Tantra—topics as inspiring as they are fascinating!

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