Why two people who choose to love each other can end up hating and despising each other!

Why two people who choose to love each other can end up hating and despising each other!

Sharing about my personal journey… and why I chose this profession as a Love Coach, specializing in love relationships, sensuality, and sacred sexuality!

 What makes two people who choose to love each other end up hating and despising each other?

It’s THE question I asked myself when I was 7 years old, waking up with my brother in the middle of the night, pulled from sleep by screams and an unbelievable racket…

In the midst of an evening at my mother’s friends’ house, while my brother and I were sleeping in a nearby room, I was suddenly awakened by the noises and screams I heard… which terrified me. My parents separated with extreme violence that night… In front of us, bewildered, terrified, and powerless children. My father took us with him, and I didn’t see my mother again or have any news of her for months! Moreover, without any reassuring explanation. My world had suddenly collapsed, leaving this question forever etched in my heart:

What causes two people who choose to love each other to end up hating and detesting each other?

This experience is THE reason why it is so important for me to work towards supporting love relationships and sacred sexuality. For the fulfillment of individuals who choose to be in a relationship.

So for years, I questioned and sought answers about love relationships, intimacy, sensuality, and sexuality, and how to be and stay happy together for a long time.

For that, I personally and professionally embarked on psychotherapy and towards health and the body: I was passionate for years about love relationships, then I decided to train in this field, as well as the path of meditation and the body through my passion for India, Yoga, spirituality, Indian massages, and energy.

At the same time, feeling enriched with all these insights, I seriously committed myself to a love relationship with the woman who would become the mother of my children. This relationship followed us between England, France, and Spain, where we had fun, discovered, explored, laughed, celebrated, danced, and then we welcomed two wonderful children, one of whom was born at home. Then, a few years later, our couple crashed slowly but surely after 10 years of relationship.

HOW did I manage to mess up my relationship?

Despite all that I had learned!

Unfortunately, with the arrival of children, we became good logistical parents: we knew how to distribute roles and became experts at organizing, managing, and planning… but no longer lovers for each other. The parental relationship had taken over, our parenting postures and references were miles apart, leaving us little chance… and many discussions to prove who was right and what would be best to do as parents.

Despite many therapy sessions individually and as a couple… and my personal commitment to avoiding making the same mistakes as my parents. The romantic relationship slowly faded after a few years of being good parents and coping with being poor lovers… and the time to kill the illusion that time would fix things! We offered ourselves a rather gentle separation (although a separation is always bitter!)

I was still missing two keys… Tantra and Consent!

From that moment, in 2010, I continued my journey alone for a while, managing my little wolves aged 3 and 5 every other week. I admit it took me some time to mourn the relationship and find a new rhythm.

Later on, I experienced the joy of rediscovering myself as I was at the age of 20—before entering a relationship. That’s when I tasted the variety of encounters and the lightness of relationships. I experimented with polyamory, pleasure, and hedonism, always without commitment and with respect. But without real depth of the heart… It didn’t fully satisfy me.

Simultaneously, driven by this quest for meaning and depth in both sexuality and relationships, I discovered and experienced Tantra and its secrets of slowness, presence, and spirituality connected to sexuality. And that was truly Whaooo! Finally, a realm where all energies of man and woman are honored, from the wildest and most animalistic to the most spiritual. I was finally fulfilled!

In fact, I fell so in love with Tantra that I trained to become a facilitator and decided to create my own school in 2015, directing all my therapeutic art in that direction: relationships and fulfilled sexuality.

Because I still feel sad and touched to hear the number of men and women sinking into a flavorless couple’s relationship or settling for mediocre relationships… Complaining about not having a fulfilling sexuality. When there are effective tools for that!!!

I am in a loving relationship with Céline, and for almost ten years, we have been living an adventure that we create together:

We are building (improvising too) step by step, a couple’s relationship that evolves over time, based on our desires and challenges as individuals and as a man and a woman. This relationship makes us grow individually and together, to remain good companions for ourselves and each other, and to choose each other again.

Thanks to the tools of Tantra, and somatic consent (which I discovered in the last two years), we are now able to better manage triggers and emotional crises in a more mature, respectful, responsible, and sincere way.

We have learned to communicate better: knowing how to ask, create, and offer conducive connection spaces to cultivate the relationship (remove stones and weeds, then give each other gratitude, forgiveness, thanks) and other more sensual ones with a quality of presence and delightful touch/massages.

And as we have learned to say No and honor our limits, we also know how to express our desires and fantasies. This allows us to dare to explore sexuality with more fantasy.


Attention, I’m not saying that everything is simple and rosy!

A romantic relationship, by its essence, is there to challenge us and make us grow, sometimes despite ourselves. By illuminating our sensitive areas, old wounds still painful (the scars of our wounded inner child) and activating our shadows, the romantic relationship seeks to bring them to light and help us grow and evolve towards more happiness and pleasure.

That’s where the 1+1=3 comes in!

Two individuals together can magnify each other through the relationship.

It is always touching for me to hear my wife testify to the participants in our workshops, with heartfelt words full of gratitude, that she has (truly) evolved a lot in the 10 years of our relationship. It always warms my heart

And yes! For over 5 years now, we have been creating and offering spaces for the development of our skills as sensual lovers and for the evolution of romantic relationships. With great joy and the same passion, we lead Tantra workshops and retreats (for couples and individuals) with the school I created:

Fifty Shades of Tantra

a journey into the arts of romantic relationships and the secrets of sacred sexuality.


This shared passion for tantra, creating themes, and guiding others in a safe space on this path has developed to the point that Céline decided to quit her job to join me in this adventure!

And now?

I took the time to gather, analyze, compile, and make connections to condense all this material with its best theoretical and practical contributions in fields such as psychotherapy, love relationships, sex therapy, tantra, energy work, and massages. This also includes work on traumas, the nervous system, radical honesty, and consent, which have caused a real change in me, in my sexuality, and in my relationships

And so that you and hundreds of others can benefit from the best of my experience and professional journey (which represents decades, over a thousand consultations, and tens of thousands of euros invested), I decided to create a unique program to teach you how to strengthen your love relationship muscle!

This 3-month journey will truly simplify your life and perhaps save you years of struggles, frustration, or loneliness!

At the end of this program

You will be an expert in how to relax your nervous system and access more pleasure in less than 15 minutes (alone or as a couple). You will have learned to create, manage, and maintain relationships as deep, funny, touching, fulfilling, real, authentic, fun, sexy, sensual, and tender as you desire. And you will have boosted your relational and sensual skills like never before.

This program has already proven its worth and is gaining popularity internationally! I am delighted to offer it exclusively, reimagined with my touch and enriched with secrets from my experience in Tantra and psychotherapy, for the first time in the French-speaking world.

If you’re curious to know more…

Let me reveal the 4 stages of this adventure where YOU are the hero!

I’ve named this coaching program in conscious pleasure and love relationship:

+2 Pleasure!+2 Pleasure and Sensuality, first for yourself (selfie mode!), then with the other.

+2 Pleasure in conscious relationships with the 4 pillars of the relationship.

+2 Pleasure to better know how to play as a duo: setting limits and daring desires, without having to please or pretend!

+2 Pleasure to better understand your shadow dynamics (and avoid falling into its energy-draining traps), in order to connect from the apex in relationships.

This program has already transformed many women, men, hearts, and relationships! It’s your turn to play…

Then why this format??

Yes, I like and love to lead workshops and retreats in person. The magic of the group and the energy it generates, the unique practices that it allows. And at the same time, I also feel that it’s not the place where I can take the necessary time to support each person with depth on the individual dynamics that concern them.

That’s why I chose to offer personalized online support, one-on-one, for 3 months (the time necessary for a dynamic change). At a regular pace of once a week. This means 12 sessions of support where we meet online from the comfort of your home.

During each session, I will take the time with you to welcome and truly listen to you. Then, I will propose concrete and playful experiences related to pleasure, consent, and relationships. Finally, we will conclude each session with a time to share experiences and invitations for practices to be carried out to integrate them better into your daily life.

Throughout your journey, I commit to being there with you and fully accompanying you in your process. I support and welcome what is there for you, what you feel, what you are experiencing, with your emotions, difficulties, and joys as well. For this, I will remain available via WhatsApp to answer your questions between sessions.

And the magic in all of this? Well, as you’ll be live with me each week, a real human connection will be created that will make THE difference.

What’s the logical next step in all of this?

I will soon open only 12 spots for this group coaching in my agenda and 5 spots for VIP individual coaching (one-on-one). 12 spots reserved only for those who want to benefit from my guidance now and seriously evolve their relationship and sensual skills. 12 spots (individual or couple) to learn to cultivate the soil of conscious pleasure and relationship (current or future).

How does it work in concrete terms?

If you already feel interested in this program, I invite you to schedule a first phone interview here: Yes, I want to know more and apply for this +2 Pleasure program!

During this 45-minute interview, I will ask you some questions to check your motivation and candidacy and ensure that this +2 Pleasure program is right for you now. It’s important to me that there is a connection between us, and that you are sure that I am THE right person to accompany you. If that’s the case, then I will send you my offer in writing. If that looks good to you, then during a second appointment, we will settle the administrative, financial, and logistical aspects together before moving on to the next step: Your evolution!

During your first coaching session, we will take the time to get to know each other better and establish a plan for the path to follow. You will experience your first +2 pleasure, and we will schedule our next appointments in the agenda.

The rest contains the best and remains confidential because it is reserved for those who truly want to engage in an evolutionary process.

In the meantime, I’m curious to know…

Have you ever thought about changing/adjusting your way of being in a relationship with yourself? With others? In intimacy? In sexuality?

Let me know by simply responding by email. I would be delighted to read from you.

I wish you a beautiful day, and see you soon for the next steps.


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