Cinquante Nuances de Tantra Charter: We commit, and you commit!

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Your participation in our workshops and experiences
involves your full adherence to our framework of practice, which is as follows:


  • We commit ourselves alongside you to offer a framework suitable for the individual and collective development of the participants and to do everything possible to ensure that the overall experience of the Cinquante Nuances de Tantra workshop/retreat is conducive to personal transformation/evolution/awareness or commitments that each person can make as harmoniously as possible.
  • The practices proposed are based on a bodily, emotional, energetic, and relational approach involving listening, compassion, advice, and care, but also challenges, invitations to exceed oneself, and confrontations, all in the utmost respect for freedom of conscience and the feelings of the individual.
  • Participants are aware that their registration corresponds to a commitment on this personal journey that should ultimately provide them with greater peace, grounding, and inner joy, and thus live more fully. They approach Cinquante Nuances de Tantra workshops with a spirit of respect and benevolence towards themselves, the group, and the animation team.

Physical and mental health

  • Each participant declares themselves to be in good physical health and fully capable of participating in the workshop. They are aware that the activities proposed during the workshop may require significant physical engagement (breathing, joint movements, ground work, etc.). Injuries or physical issues may occur, and it is necessary to be vigilant and aware of one’s physical health before attending the workshop. Participants should ensure they have had adequate sleep in the days leading up to the workshop and are able to adapt or modify activities based on their current capabilities, notifying the facilitators if needed.
  • Participants declare themselves to be in good emotional and mental health, with full mental capacity, and not under the influence of substances that may alter their state of consciousness. They affirm their ability to seek support from the facilitation team if their mental or emotional state evolves negatively during or after the workshop. The workshops require participants to be in their full energy, and participants commit to breaking their fast if necessary before attending the workshop.
  • Our workshops are not suitable for individuals with a history of psychiatric or psychotic disorders, or those currently on anxiolytic or antipsychotic medication, or in a state of emotional fragility.
  • If a participant is on antidepressant medication, they agree to inform the organizers and commit to maintaining their medication throughout the workshop. If the physical, emotional, or mental health of the participant changes during or after the workshop, the participant agrees to inform the organizing team.
  • If a participant is carrying a contagious disease or is likely to do so before, during, or in the days following the workshop, they commit to informing the group and facilitators without ambiguity.
  • The facilitators reserve the right to refuse access to the workshops and activities to any person they believe may not be able to follow the proposed practices or may compromise the smooth running of the activities or harm the group in any way. If this were to happen during a workshop, the participant would be asked to leave after a discussion, without compensation or refund.
  • Regardless of the situation, the participant agrees to any decision made by the facilitators regarding questioning participation in a workshop or its interruption if it has already begun. Whatever the reason, participants commit to not leaving the workshop without prior discussion with the facilitation team and the group.


  • Participants, as well as members of the Cinquante Nuances de Tantra team, commit to keeping confidential any information regarding the identity of participants, their private lives, and the behavior of individuals present at the workshops. They also agree not to disclose any information about the content or format of the structures or exercises proposed. Statements made during speaking times are also entirely confidential.
  • Participants undertake not to take any photos of other participants during a workshop without their permission and not to publish any images in any form without the prior written consent of the individuals concerned. Mobile phones are prohibited in the practice room.
  • Members of the team may take group or individual photos for management and/or communication reasons related to Cinquante Nuances de Tantra. In this case, either the photos will be blurred so that individuals cannot be recognized, or your consent will be sought.


There is no sexual act (intercourse) during practices or exercises. During practices, participants commit to both respecting their own boundaries (freely and consciously choosing to follow the proposals) and not exceeding the proposed intimacy limit during practices.

Violent, physical, or verbal acts are strictly prohibited throughout the duration of the workshop and are grounds for immediate exclusion. Participants agree not to leave the room during activities without notifying the facilitators.

Respect for others, the group, and the space.

Participants and team members commit to respecting others and the group, including:

  • Maintaining impeccable personal and oral hygiene throughout the duration of the workshop.
  • Abstaining from the consumption of alcohol, drugs, or substances that could alter consciousness or behavior.
  • Ensuring respect for others in their experiences and challenges, with kindness and empathy.
  • Respecting the group, particularly adhering to the starting times of the practices.
  • Preserving and respecting the venue by adhering to specific rules outlined at the beginning of the workshop.
  • Bringing positive energy and a smile whenever possible.
  • Committing to communicate and act in a kind, respectful, and non-judgmental manner.
  • Committing to respect resources and ecology, such as turning off lights and using resources reasonably. Assisting other participants in adhering to these rules and contributing to maintaining the group’s integrity.

Individual responsibility and freedom

  • The proposed practices aim to provide individuals with greater freedom, and even though they are intended to ultimately enhance well-being and live more fully, they can sometimes trigger fears or resistance.
  • The role of the facilitators is to encourage everyone to fully engage in the practices without exceeding the proposals. However, if the participants find them too challenging, they are free to refuse to perform an activity or exercise that would expose them to excessive physical or psychological difficulty. They can either stay within the group in a designated space or outside the group, depending on the context.
  • Specifically, structures or exercises involving nudity may be proposed (such as massages, for example). Although the facilitators encourage participants to overcome their apprehensions, each individual is free to wear or remove the right amount of clothing to feel in integrity with themselves.
  • Participants in the activities of “Cinquante Nuances de Tantra” come as conscious adults and bear full responsibility for their actions and experiences in the workshops.
  • We do not guarantee gender and sex parity; our work and Tantra go beyond the length of your partner’s hair. If you absolutely wish to be in a relationship with a person of a defined gender, register with them. Beyond the proposed practices and structures, it is a meeting with oneself that will emerge.
  • Each participant declares that they have valid Individual Liability Insurance on the dates and locations of the workshops they attend.

Infectious Risks and COVID-19.

During in-person workshops or group gatherings, the organizing team of “Cinquante Nuances de Tantra” emphasizes fundamental basic hygiene measures, including regular handwashing, taking regular showers, coughing/sneezing into one’s elbow, and refraining from participating if one is unwell.

We provide participants with hand sanitizer in addition to regularly recommended handwashing between each practice. The premises will be regularly ventilated and disinfected with essential oils.

In the 10 days preceding the workshop or event, in a situation of proven health risk, and concerning potential risks of infectious disease transmission, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Have you had or do you currently have a fever in the past few days (chills, sweats)? Do you have muscle aches?
  • Have you had a cough, sore throat, or have you noticed a significant decrease or loss of your taste or smell in recent days? Any changes in your health?
  • In the last 24 hours, have you experienced diarrhea?
  • Have you noticed unusual shortness of breath when speaking or making a slight effort?
  • Have you experienced unusual fatigue in recent days?

If you have answered yes to one or more of the questions above, it means that you are experiencing symptoms that may be indicative of the presence of COVID-19.

And if you have been in recent contact (within the last ten days) with infected individuals or individuals at risk in the lead-up to the workshop:

The course of action is then to get tested as soon as possible and notify the organizing team, absolutely before the workshop or event.

If you are a person with a frail constitution and health, with a weakened immune system, or if you simply wish to avoid any risk, it is advisable to postpone your participation to a later date.

Recognition and commitment regarding risks:

  • I acknowledge having been informed of the measures in place and commit to following the prevention guidelines stated above as often as necessary during the practices.
  • I will prepare all the specific necessities (personal items to bring) as specified in the practical information received before the workshop I am attending.
  • If I decide to participate in the workshop, I may contract the Covid virus or any other illness, and I consciously assume responsibility, knowing that zero risk does not exist. I am free, aware, and responsible for my current health status and the potential risks of transmission during group gatherings, despite the preventive measures in place.
  • We reserve the right to request a Covid test (PCR, self-test, or other) 48 hours before the workshop, during check-in, or during the workshop if you have symptoms.

Version 15/3/22: Charter inspired and adapted from Integral Tantra,

with their permission (thank you Jacques and Marie-Anne 🙂

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