Conscious Kink !? What the fuck !

Conscious Kink !? What the fuck !

A brief foray into the world of Dark Eros & Conscious Kink.

We have imagined and created a unique, experiential journey to develop your erotic and creative skills – an evolutionary workshop to liberate yourself from shame and guilt, inviting you to live life as consciously and authentically as you desire!

This Tantra retreat/workshop is a one-of-a-kind experience – combining the expansive and consciousness-liberating practices of Tantra and shamanism with an embodied form of erotic art from the realm of kink.


For those aspiring to a creative, wild, and liberated sexuality, and seeking practical tools to explore kink safely and securely—tools that are deep and holistic and can guide you on your journey of exploration, liberation, and deeper understanding of yourself and your desires.

For individuals desiring to deepen intimacy with their partners and lovers, those yearning to break free from shame, and those seeking a supportive and inviting framework to explore their authentic, unique, creative, erotic, and sensual expression.

This 5-day retreat is open to adults of all ages, sexual orientations, and gender expressions, whether currently in relationships with one or more partners or preparing for future encounters and connections. It is designed for those who wish to learn, explore, and try new things in a nurturing environment.

We’ve crafted this experience to be playful and explorative, featuring various solo and partnered practices, including demonstrations to inspire you! Whether you’re in a current relationship or looking ahead to future connections, this retreat welcomes all who seek a supportive space for learning and growth.

We are dedicated to creating and sharing spaces for exploration grounded in consent and compassion

Céline et Karl


A touch of kink, a dash of cheekiness!

This Dark Eros Tantra Workshop is a unique creation that brings together the keys of neo-tantra, consent, BDSM, and kink for those who wish to explore and unite the spiritual realm with sensual realms.

Do you want to explore new playful and creative ways to deepen your intimacy and personal development through erotic arts?

For some, sex is a function, something to be used or avoided, and for some of us,

it’s a creative expression and a way to bring joy, play, adventure, and excitement into our lives.

If you enjoy being creative and curious with your sexuality, this experience is tailored for you!


This retreat is for you if…

  • You are curious about exploring kink and tantra safely and how they can enhance your life.
  • You have a desire to explore intensity, power, or surrender, but feel shame, guilt, judgment, or resistance when considering trying.
  • You sense, however, that there is something within these desires, that there is hidden freedom behind the block.
  • You want to feel liberated and confident with all parts of yourself, even those you or others around you judge to be ‘Shadow.’
  • You already have experience with kink and want to take it to new, deeper, and wonderfully connected states.
  • You know there can be so much more than the physical side in this space, and you are ready to explore the emotional, psychological, energetic, and tantric dimensions of your play.

Here are some benefits you may experience after going through this journey:

  • Reconnection to your desires, your body, and your erotic fantasies.
  • Reconnection to your vitality, dynamism, and self-acceptance.
  • Confidently combining your kink play with tantric practices and unlocking unlimited potential for your future explorations.
  • The ability to integrate your tantric play with shadow work for rapid transformation.
  • Regaining confidence to communicate your desires and limits with others.
  • Liberation from shame and guilt surrounding your desires.
  • Making peace with and strengthening trust in your dark side and imperfections.
  • Access to a variety of tools to bring deep connection and intimacy into your play and personal relationships.
  • Creating a contained and secure framework for more trust and vulnerability in your erotic play.
  • Taking care of vulnerability for yourself and your partner.
  • Exploring various relationship conflicts in a safer, playful, and enjoyable manner.



So, why have we crafted this retreat?

We both have spent a significant portion of our adult lives in exploration, encounters, and experiences with spiritual and sensual groups, sharing a common passion for consciousness and sacred sexuality that allows room for intensity and play.

We’ve individually experienced numerous benefits, from self-awareness to a better understanding of informed consent, self-healing, and empowerment. As a result, we want to offer a broader audience privileged access to this integrated approach.

Our aim is to provide a healthy, secure, and unambiguous framework for those eager to learn. Trust and safety foster conscious surrender.

However, we’ve observed a scarcity of teachers worldwide who share these kinds of tools. Tantra and Kink & BDSM, seemingly opposing worlds, are challenging to unite unless you reside in a city like London, Las Vegas, or Berlin.

We wish for EVERYONE interested in this work to have access to learning it safely, not just the fortunate few in the right city at the right time.

That’s why Céline and I are so delighted to have developed and co-created the most comprehensive, deep, and transformative experience possible.

However, my flaws are shameful and dark! It can’t be tantric, can it!?

We believe that with deep self-inquiry, consent, communication, and internal alignment, there are ways to explore relationships among consenting adults in a manner that creates unity, compassion, and a deeper understanding of our true nature. Shame and guilt stem from societal, familial, and parental conditioning around ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ ways of exploring our bodies and sexuality.

When we allow these repressed parts to be seen and explored, we pave the way for deep self-love and acceptance. Being loved, seen, and accepted for who we are in our entirety is one of our deepest desires. Learning ways to share this with partners brings us closer to it.

We also discuss how tantric practices and rituals can be integrated into everyday life for more awareness and sensuality.

They came, and they speak about it with love:

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Discover the Tantra Dark Eros and Conscious Kink experience that we’ve created for YOU!

This tantric retreat is a blend of neo-tantra and Kink/BDSM, offering practical skills, creative inspiration, deep introspection, and tools to maximize pleasure and expand consciousness.

This therapeutic tantra workshop focuses on playful exploration, transforming traumas, fears, shame, and guilt into life energy – it’s a transformative experience!

Our goal is to create an experience that truly provides you with all the foundational knowledge you need while leaving endless possibilities for creativity and expressing your unique desires.

We’ve combined our unique experiences, each with over 20 years of combined expertise in areas such as psychotherapy, shamanism, spirituality, breathwork, massage, energy work, sacred sexuality, tantra, BDSM, trauma release. This allows people from around the world who wish to experience this work to access it, thanks to the magic of the Internet in the comfort of their homes.

This tantric retreat is a culmination of thousands of hours of training, retreats, exploration, experimentation, and research in this realm


We have structured this unique tantric retreat around different themes that you will explore progressively

  • Consent, the four pillars of the relationship, shadows in the relationship.
  • Emotions, taboos, and sources of life.
  • Transforming violence into life force.
  • Death as an ally, towards the pinnacle of life.
  • Changing perspectives in your relationship with money.
  • Sexuality as a life force, desires, and playful and innocent pleasures.
  • Power dynamics: offering your power, surrendering to letting go, domination/submission, Conscious Kink & Tantric BDSM.”

What you will experience:

  • Sharing circles and heart-to-heart conversations.
  • Active meditations.
  • Emotional work.
  • Shamanic breathwork.
  • Relational games and role-playing.
  • Understanding the power of consent and setting boundaries.
  • Authentic sharing and vulnerability.
  • Deep connections with other beautiful souls on the journey.
  • Power dynamics, exploration of domination and submission.
  • Dance and enjoyable celebrations.
  • Rituals such as cacao ceremonies, ecstatic dance, and Temple Nights.

…and a few surprises of our good taste!

All our workshops are UNIQUE creations,

There will never be two alike!

Céline et Karl

Even if there are basic structures and common ingredients, we love changing things up and surprising you! Not to mention that we enjoy working with the magic of the group, the moment, and each individual’s energy.

There is so much content in this tantra workshop that you can take your time to integrate it over the months or years that follow.

And you can come back several times to deepen or continue exploring if you feel the need or desire.


What the FAQ !

I am a complete beginner; can I participate?

This experience is designed to be an intensive course and an evolutionary advancement in your sexual life, resonating in many other aspects of your life such as your relationship with your parents, your boss, your children, at work with your colleagues, and also at home with your partner.

I don’t have a partner; can I still register?

Yes, we often work in pairs, not necessarily based on gender. For partner practices, we use random drawing or choice structures to form a duo for the duration of that practice.

Do you guarantee me a partner of the opposite sex?

Tantra is a magic of relationships that operates well beyond the limits we set for ourselves: gender, sex, polarity, orientation… It’s heart-to-heart that the magic happens. So, we have chosen to work with people who wish, regardless of their orientation or sexual preference. If you only want to work with a partner of the opposite gender/sex, we invite you to register with that person.

And if I don’t want to do a practice?

We offer you to live an experience, and there is no obligation except self-respect and respect for others. We honor your limits. If you let us know before a practice, you will have your time. If you have already started the practice, you will stay on the sidelines and in the room to take care of yourself. Leaving the course is not allowed. We will simply ask you a few questions to understand what is being activated for you on this subject.

We are so excited that other people on this Earth are exploring Tantric Kink with us; will you join us?


So, ready to embark on a new adventure, where YOU are the hero, and which might just change your life?

Whether it’s to ask your questions or reserve your spot for:

an individual or couples session, or to experience the Dark Eros and Conscious Kink retreat,

THEN a preliminary interview is required, book your free 15-minute call with Karl easily here!

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I would be delighted to answer your questions and get to know you.

Wholeheartedly, Karl

Que ce soit pour poser vos questions ou réserver votre place pour :

une expérience en séance individuelle ou de couple, ou pour vivre l’expérience de la retraite en Dark Eros et Conscious Kink,

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