How to develop a spiritual, joyful, and fulfilling sexuality?

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Here are our 5 tips to give a new dimension to your intimate relationships.

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Spiritual and sacred sexuality is too often forgotten in favor of physical acts between consenting partners, ordinary sexuality, which sometimes resembles more of a sportive act or a performance than a quest for connection and mutual sensuality.

The harmony between sexuality and the heart is, however, very important to feel fully fulfilled in one’s intimate relationships as well as in life. 🙏

Cinquante Nuances de Tantra offers you some advice to initiate your journey towards nourishing relationships and fulfilling spiritual sexuality.

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Before diving into specific tantric practices or sexual kung-fu, here’s everything you can implement right now to initiate this adventure that will undoubtedly change, and for the better, the depth with which you approach your relationships.

And first and foremost, it seems wise to remind that tantrism is lived primarily outside of nudity or sexuality, and not necessarily in touching others.

1/ To develop the art of sexual yoga, it will be important to be comfortable with the ability to be in a relationship, that is, connected to oneself and to others, and to be mature in expressing one’s needs and limits. Therefore, practices of compassionate communication (Nonviolent Communication, Espere, Rogers) are all recommended to better learn how to talk about oneself and one’s needs in order not to replay the shadows of the relationship (roles like persecutor, savior, victim, projections, and expectations). Be aware that the couple, romantic, or intimate relationship, although delightful, is not entirely comfortable and yet offers a space and an unequivocal mirror to learn to grow together. If we are willing to see it that way…

2/ Developing the ability for introspection, returning to oneself and one’s feelings is essential to attain sacred sexuality. Learning to relax and become conscious, present, and at the same time connected to what is, and all its sensations, no matter what happens. It’s about being attuned to one’s feelings and those of the other through empathy and learning to dance gracefully in this communion toward spiritual sexuality.

For this, you can start practicing activities such as meditation, tai chi, and yoga, which will help you center yourself by calming the mind. By learning to settle into calmness and silence to open the door to the heart and feelings. This is the Yin and feminine part of the practice because, yes, sex and meditation go hand in hand, as in the practices of Slow Sex by Diana Richardson.

3/ To reach ecstatic states, spiritual liberation, or simply an amplified state of consciousness, this ability is related to our capacity to generate and store our vital energy, then invite it to circulate through different energy centers and highways through practical exercises of breathing, movement, and sound.

For the Yang aspect with a more dynamic or physical approach, to be in perfect harmony with yourself even before being with others, you can also engage in activities such as high-intensity sports and adopt a lifestyle, dietary, and emotional hygiene, such as Osho’s active meditation practices, shamanic breathing, or rebirthing, holotropic breathing, trance dances, or any other cathartic approach to help you release emotions trapped in your body, forgive yourself for your past, while supporting your inner child with kindness at every step.

4/ And then it will be important to approach tantric sexuality with specific exercises and practical situations during workshops or retreats, as this will allow you to develop the vitality, energy, power, and mastery necessary to reach the heights of transformative sexuality.

5/ Finally, engaging in artistic creation can allow you to better connect with what you feel deep in your soul and with other resources and parts of your being.

Here is a summary of some practices that will help you more easily open the doors to spiritual sexuality and regain a fulfilling life. 💖

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