Through Dark Eros Tantra, how to harmonize one’s sexual energy?

Through Dark Eros Tantra, how to harmonize one’s sexual energy?

How to connect the energies of Tantra with those of shadow work?

I understand many people asking me, “But how does the path of sacred sexuality, love, tenderness, and respect…

To see in connection with shadow work and the unconscious: Shadow Work or Dark Eros Tantra, when it is related to our sexuality.

Well, let me answer that question!

First, let me mention that in Jungian psychology, anything that belongs to the unconscious, anything that is not brought into the light of consciousness, whether partially or entirely, will have the compulsion to replay itself over and over, possibly becoming stronger each time!

Like a small snowball I roll along the mountain, it gathers more snow and becomes something enormous!

So one of the peculiarities of the unconscious is the compulsion to repeat.

So it’s an invitation to look at yourself in your personal, relational, loving, sexual life or in your work related to power, domination or submission, or related to money… If there isn’t something, a dynamic, a scenario that you prefer to replay over and over again???

Some people might call it destiny, but I don’t believe in destiny!

I believe we are all co-creators of our lives, whether consciously or unconsciously, and we all have the power to take back the reins of the horse, which could represent our unconscious, that we’re riding. We can control the direction it goes, its speed, whether it gallops or walks, and finally become the masters of our lives.

For this, I invite you to bring your shadows into the light, to descend with infinite kindness into the depths of yourself, to meet those parts (of yourself) that have sometimes been rejected, judged, cut off, blamed, or shamed, and yet lie dormant at the core of yourself, in your depths.

The path of Tantra is a path of acceptance, recognition, and conscious being, so it is indeed a way of bringing to light, to consciousness, the things that are currently hidden from us by our blinders, our beliefs, our patterns, our adaptations to society, and our education system.

Of course, there is a personal unconscious, a family unconscious, and a societal unconscious.

Of course, there is a personal unconscious, a family unconscious, and a societal unconscious.


(Dare to) Go see, accept, embody, reclaim all those parts that truly belong to you.

To create a unity of yin and yang, as represented by its symbol, embodies both light and darkness, and the two are in perfect harmony, just as life itself… an harmony between shadow and light.

So if you too wish to take back control of your life and harness all the potential energy that sexuality and Dark Eros hold:

_Money: and being comfortable in today’s society, in its system of exchange and valuation of work or others’ skills,

_And in connection with Death, which could very well be your best advisor on how to live your life.

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If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them below. It’s always interesting to exchange viewpoints and personal stories, and it can benefit others as well.

And I’ll be happy to respond personally.

In the meantime, I’ll see you soon!

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