What is Tantra exactly?

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Behind this word lie powerful keys to transform your life as a man or a woman!

Behind this word lie powerful keys to transform your life as a man or a woman!

Tantra as a spiritual path.

Tantra is a path of expanding our consciousness, which positively includes sexual energy as a gateway to the Divine.

It’s a spirituality grounded in the body and a true art of living in the present moment, at the heart of the relationship with oneself, others, and the environment.

It embraces all experiences of life, turning them into experiences of consciousness.

In Tantra, it is said that the state of Samadhi or awakening is already present within us; it’s about dropping the veils of ignorance that prevent us from fully savoring it… And to transform our fears, limitations, and wounds, to set in motion our sexual and loving energies, and ride them to ecstasy. Hence comes the concept of sacred sexuality.

The Origins of Tantra

Tantric teachings comprise a set of texts, doctrines, rituals, and initiatory methods originating from India and Pakistan (Kashmir) dating back several millennia. Its foundations can be found in the Vedas, Indian sacred texts like the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra, and in Buddhist texts belonging to the Vajrayana lineage.

There are numerous schools of Tantra, each with its own practices, codes, and rituals.

Master Osho contributed to the current resurgence of these ancient doctrines by updating them and creating the neo-tantra movement in the 1970s and 1980s. More recently, Margot Anand, along with many other Osho disciples, has created their own schools and adaptations of this ancient spiritual art to the modern world of today.

Absence de dualisme et union mystique

The worldview in Tantra is non-dualistic. The notions of “material” and “spiritual,” “profane” and “sacred,” Zorba and Buddha, come together and harmoniously unite in the Whole, complete.

The Universe rests on opposing qualities, and denying or rejecting a part of them disrupts balance and distorts the vision of totality.

The ego, which I also call the inner child or the memory of what we have repressed to continue to exist, feeds on division, rationalization, “I like this and I don’t like that.”

By accepting duality, I allow myself to transcend this limiting representation of the “self-I,” this illusion of believing oneself separate from the world and others (parts of the Self) and experience the mystical understanding of being the great Whole.

And yet, at the same time, an individual unique unto oneself.

Tantra invites us to experience the union of opposites, and to experience ecstasy… The mahamudra, being the raindrop that joins the ocean…


The cosmic union of the sacred couple

At the initial stage, the union of the individual with their divine energy and consciousness is undivided. Thus, tradition has depicted it as a couple, that of the god Shiva and the goddess Shakti or Parvati. This couple represents the sacred figure of balance between the feminine and masculine, where Shiva embodies the presence aspect of consciousness while Shakti represents the dynamic aspect of Kundalini energy. Similar to the Yin and Yang of the Chinese Taoist perspective. And like the baby in its mother’s womb for up to 9 months…

As human beings, we all come from this original union, from a foundational sexual act, from a Big Bang resulting from the fusion of masculine and feminine principles. We also belong to a timeless lineage of Men and Women who have perpetuated this act of creation, this sacred act, allowing us in turn to experience Life.

Tantra invites us to reconnect with this life energy through direct experience, it’s the path of the diamond! A path of transformation to benefit from and enjoy our full potential of Life and ecstasy.

Rediscover self-esteem and confidence in oneself and in relationships.

The Tantric practices

Despite the Western view, Tantra cannot be reduced solely to the sexual dimension. Tantra positively includes sexual life energy and transcends it.

The Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (“Tantra of Supreme Knowledge”), one of the oldest Shivaite texts, presents a set of 112 techniques or meditations aimed at expanding consciousness, among which only 5 are focused on sexuality.

For some schools of Tantra, such as Kundalini yoga and White Tantra, part of the right-hand path, there is no question of sexual relations. Only meditation and full presence allow access to the divine.

For others, such as the Vama Marga school, or red or black tantra, part of the left-hand path, it is permitted during transgressive rituals to access what is profane, such as meat, sexuality, wine, and to confront one’s deepest fears related to death, money, sexuality, in order to emerge profoundly transformed in love and light.

 Daring to delve into one’s coal mine…
 to emerge with a few nuggets!


We offer during our tantra workshops teachings inspired by all these practices, within a framework of respect and benevolence. There are no sexual relations in the practices.

The sacred sexuality

The physical body is here a gateway through the senses to encounter the divine within oneself. The practices and rituals proposed are not strict rules to follow like a technique, but exercises to foster a receptive state and grounding in the present moment, which allow opening up to sensations and the door of the heart, and journeying to ecstasy.

L’éducation porno-sexuelle actuelle et notre vision

Tantra is an infinite source of projections, fantasies, and fears… and rightfully so, if we look at the history of this movement, and yet not really adjusted to the reality of current practices. Certainly, in the post-68 years, humanity, Europe, and the French experienced sexual freedom, with open couples, swingers, and for some, orgies, akin to the Roman Bacchanalia. Since the appearance of AIDS in the 1980s, and after recognizing the limits and consequences of this pseudo-freedom, humanity has evolved.

Today’s society, still based on the foundations of patriarchy and male domination, is undergoing profound changes: the cult of the virile man is gradually crumbling in the face of women who are reclaiming their place and positioning themselves differently in their relationships with men and their own sexual desires.

Behaviors of domination, predation, and objectification of women and their bodies, induced by porn culture, our main reference in terms of sexual education, and marketing, with retouched photos, now appear obsolete.

And yet, they still have a significant impact!

Even though these behaviors are denounced with movements like #MeToo, feminist movements, and LGBTQ+ advocacy, I believe it will take more than one generation for humanity to evolve behaviors ingrained for generations.

It is in this context that the work we propose with Cinquante Nuances de Tantra is situated.

It makes sense for us to offer an alternative to our limiting conditioning on sexuality and the influence of pornography.

To contribute to a more conscious humanity and to extend the traditions of Tantra and fin’amor into today’s society.

We are committed to offering our Tantra teachings, evenings, Tantra workshops, and Tantra and tantric massage training in Rhône-Alpes and Switzerland (Lausanne and Geneva). Our workshops are open to singles and couples of all genders and sexual orientations.

We strive for respect and solidarity between men and women, in their gender and together on this Earth. To help men and women today support each other and create authentic and caring relationships, with grounded, regulated, and sacred sexual energy.


May our work contribute to healing the wounds nestled in the hearts of men and women, and participate in the emergence of a peaceful humanity.

Céline et Karl Di Foggia,

Cinquante Nuances de Tantra: The Art of Intimate Relationships and Sacred Sexuality

Workshops – Retreats – Tantra Training for Couples and Singles of all Sexual Orientations, in Switzerland, in Geneva and Lausanne, and in France, in Lyon, Marseille, Grenoble, and in Ardèche.

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