Tantra, what is it?


The authentic and inspiring testimony of a man on the path of Tantra.

During the past few years, Gilles has regularly participated in Tantra workshops in the evenings, weekend retreats, and during tantric holidays, including our summer retreat with Cinquante Nuances de Tantra.

With authenticity and simplicity, he shares his transformation journey here, an inspiring path that I can’t resist sharing with you:

Even today, the question isn’t easily answered.

I would say it’s an initiatory journey in search of oneself.

During the workshops and stages, I’ve learned more about myself than in my entire life. I’ve learned to listen to my inner self, I’ve found a certain serenity. I’ve discovered letting go, kindness, learned or relearned to discover my body.

I explored a new way of loving both myself and others. I learned to give, but also, and this is the most important, to receive without expecting anything in return, the gift of oneself. I discovered a new path of sexual fulfillment.

Tantra has also allowed me to release guilt, shame, fears, anxieties, doubts, regrets/remorse, stemming from my upbringing, my life journey, the judgment of others, etc., which limit me in who I truly am and what I could be.

Tantra has allowed me to be myself, to accept myself as I am with my strengths, weaknesses, contradictions, to improve myself, to work on myself, to combat my fears or doubts. To see the beauty that emanates from a body, a soul regardless of its shape, size.

During this initiatory journey, I experienced strong and unforgettable moments such as the men’s day during a workshop (it was the first time I talked with other men about very intimate things), a tantric meal, an initiation to tantric massage.

It was also beautiful encounters with beautiful people; wonderful, caring people who nourished my soul and helped me evolve.

I was able, for the first time, to remove all masks, masks that society imposes on us to wear according to situations, to be myself, to bare myself both literally and figuratively as I had never done before, even when I was in a relationship.

What is Tantra?

It’s an initiatory journey where one explores oneself and others, a way to reject fears, prejudices, taboos, etc.

A means to accept oneself as one is. A way to reconcile and align heart and mind.

A way to reinvent one’s sexuality and sensuality. However, the question is still not quickly answered. My odyssey is still only at its beginning.

I thank Karl for guiding and accompanying me on this journey to myself.

I thank the shaktis and shivas of workshops and classes for the shared time, the connections made, the budding friendships, their kindness, their love, the confidences and trust, the experiments carried out with two, three, four or more.

And above all, I thank myself for daring to take this first step on this path.


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