I am eager to share with everyone how tantra has transformed my life, as a woman, partner, mother, and even professionally, giving me greater ease in speaking in groups and asserting myself, culminating in training as a therapist where I receive individuals.

Today, I am a fulfilled woman, loving and loved

Since childhood, I have been interested in sciences and how the world works technically. I have always believed in ‘what cannot be seen and demonstrated does not exist,’ and I have never been awakened to spirituality. I made my journey with that and became a computer engineer. Everything was going well for me at that time—studies, sports, and even my love life, as I met my future husband and father of my two daughters during my studies. I went to work in Paris to build a marital and professional life in a large corporation. At that time, I finally asked few questions about life, love, death, spirituality, emotions, having been born into a family where feelings were not discussed much.

In my quiet little life, I didn’t see the looming tragedy and the choice my husband made to leave me, leaving me with a heart gaping in pain.

After a difficult period where all my reference points and values ​​collapsed, a long path of reconstruction began, and life put supportive people on my path, who heard me, welcomed me, especially women whom I turned to first and who are my heart sisters today.

Then a man appeared in my life, different, almost original for me, with a very different view of life. A way to shake me in my certainties, to invite me to know who I am, to feel the energies with finesse, to feel my body from the inside, to talk about emotions, and to invite me to ‘let them out.’

Thank you, Karl, for opening my eyes to myself, inviting me to grow, and proposing this very first Tantra workshop.

I have attended numerous workshops and festivals with various facilitators, both men and women, and I feel enriched by this diversity and the teachings I have received.

In my daily life as an active woman, I am nourished by practices that allow me to return to my center, take care of myself, and stay connected to my inner feelings.

I welcome my emotions with kindness, and thanks to tantra, I have learned to release them to welcome even more light.

I have also discovered that sexuality can be sacred. I have learned to know myself, to be attentive to my needs, and to know how to express them. The couple relationship I experience is enriched by this mutual skill, and the complicity and love that result from our unions reach timeless spaces.

Eager to share all the benefits that Tantra has brought me and continues to bring me every day, I followed a tantra facilitator training with Chetan at his Tantra Arc en Ciel school from 2017 to 2019. For the past 4 years, I have been co-facilitating workshops in Grenoble with Karl, with whom I am delighted to co-facilitate these workshops, and to put my sacred feminine, both gentle, powerful, and grounded, at the service of the group.

Then, the desire to deepen once again who I am, to understand and overcome certain dynamics led me to embark on a therapist training. I chose ‘Les Chemins vers l’Etre’ (Paths to Being) with Christina Zelzner and Renée Findris, whom I deeply thank for their teaching and guidance. From early 2021 to late 2023, three intense years to address the basics of psychoanalysis, psycho-sexual development, individual systemic constellations, inner child therapy, and much more. But above all, to work deeply on who I am and to acquire all the fundamental tools and the therapist’s stance to be able to serenely accompany individuals or groups.

I feel enriched by my current journey, and I still have much to learn from life and from those who walk ahead of me. I delight in attending workshops to deepen my self-awareness, and even though it can be challenging at times, I know I will emerge stronger, fulfilled, and radiant, and increasingly in touch with Love. That’s the quest of my life.


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