Celine & Karl

A couple in the city (and in the countryside!), a tantric couple, a loving couple, with its shadows and the strength to rediscover the light.

We met 8 years ago, coming from different backgrounds and with completely different life experiences, almost opposite childhoods, and diverse life stories. Yet, we discovered a common desire—to embrace life and make the most of every moment. Together, we have lived through various experiences; Karl with a more daring approach, and Céline, more cautious, but enriched by navigating diverse experiences for growth.

Our desires and needs often differ, guided by our joys, fears, and current states. Each being in our truth and authenticity, we find common ground, allowing us to immerse ourselves in intense and beautiful moments. Our strength lies in our ability to listen, understand, and express ourselves.

Together, we have been on the Tantra path for over 5 years, well acquainted with each other’s shadows and lights, individually and mutually. This enables us to be allies in facilitating workshops and intense retreats.

We hope that as many people as possible can experience opening their hearts, learning to love themselves, creating genuine connections with others, and mutually enriching themselves.

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