Discover Tantra and attend a workshop

Do you want to discover tantra?

Can you imagine participating in a tantra workshop or retreat? You may have heard about it before, but..

Perhaps the controversial reputation of this word prevents you from accessing the treasures that this approach holds dearly for you…
A moins que cela soulève quelques questions et projections…

And yet, if that’s the case, I want to reassure you: we’ve been there too!

It’s normal that when considering one’s reality from a new perspective, one may face change or a new experience, especially if it can lead to transformation or evolution… from a different point of view.😉

Tantra is a path of exploration of who we are as human beings: sexual, sensitive, authentic, grounded, and connected, thanks to the energy and magic of relationship.

It holds many keys that open doors to treasures in the arts of love, intimate relationships, and sacred sexuality.

It allows you to experience your energy body and your physical body, regardless of your beliefs or spirituality. Whether you believe you have an energy body or not, you are welcome! Without dogmas or beliefs, this path is based on experience.

So no, it’s not in books or with videos or accounts, more or less adjusted and taken out of context, that you will learn Tantra…

And yes, it’s possible to reach out and dare to take the plunge to try the experience…

Daring transforms our fears that hold us back into love that nourishes us!

By participating in a discovery workshop, you will explore some key aspects of tantra such as:

  • Consent
  • Kindness and authenticity, self-expression
  • Honoring one’s needs and boundaries.
  • Learning to receive.
  • Movement
  • Breathing
  • Sound,
  • Slow down to learn to feel.
  • The masculine and feminine polarities, Shiva and Shakti
  • Sex-heart relationship
  • Experience one’s energy body and the chakras


For one evening, you will immerse yourself in the group’s energy, touch on certain keys, and keep the inner flame alive. It’s ideal for discovering, gaining confidence, and feeling inspired to delve deeper into certain personal aspects.


A Tantra workshop has a lot to offer to those who wish to delve deeper and who enjoy:

  • Taking time for oneself,
  • Taking care of their couple and their relationship,
  • Meeting other beautiful people,
  • Reconnecting with their intimacy,
  • Becoming a better lover,
  • Developing one’s sensuality,
  • Living and nurturing one’s physical and energetic body.
  • Experiencing one’s masculine and feminine polarities.
  • Experiencing one’s sexual energy.
  • Tasting the sacredness of relationship.
  • Transforming one’s emotions.
  • Transforming one’s fears, blockages, and resistances.
  • Regaining self-confidence.
  • Opening up to love and joy.
  • Reconnecting with kindness and humanity.

    A tantra workshop offers a complete and profound immersion over 2 to 6 days, where time seems to stretch. Taking the time to delve into Tantra, to arrive and find one’s place within the group, to feel present within oneself and the life energy that explores us and brings forth from our hearts what still resists love.

    This allows you to touch your armor and overcome your blocks or wounds to emerge grown and magnified, fully man or woman on this Earth.

    Reconnecting with self-confidence, trust in others, and in one’s own heart.

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    In our Tantra workshops, we pay particular attention to returning to the body, to presence, and to sensation.

    It’s a preliminary invitation to relationship. It’s about being in relationship with oneself before being in relationship with others.

    The practices are done individually, in pairs, or in groups.

    Respect for oneself and others, as well as following instructions, consent, confidentiality, and kindness are commitments that each participant will make at the beginning of the stage.

    Our tantra workshops are for singles and couples, and individuals of all sexual orientations are welcome.

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