Our contribution, values, and vision (of sexuality) in the current world.

tantra danceOur society, still rooted in the foundations of patriarchy and male domination, is evolving very rapidly!

Yes, these politico-religious foundations are gradually crumbling in the face of women who are reclaiming their space, freedom, and positioning themselves differently in their relationships with men and their own sexual desires.

Behaviors of domination, predation, and taking, which tend to objectify women and their bodies, induced by the ‘cul-ture’ of pornography, our main reference in terms of sexual education, now appear obsolete.

And yet, they still have lingering effects!

Even though these behaviors are denounced with movements like ‘Balance Ton Porc,’ feminist and LGBTQ+ movements, we believe that humanity will need more than one generation to evolve towards more freedom and awareness in behavior that has been deeply rooted for dozens of generations.

It is in this context that our work and proposals align with Fifty Shades of Tantra:

For us, it makes sense to offer an alternative to our restrictive sexual education and the influence of pornography.

How ?

We create safe and inviting spaces, with consent, to live experiences of transformation and evolution:

Our Tantra workshops and retreats provide a clear, healthy, and sex-positive framework for education on consent, self-respect, and the respect of others and their boundaries.

We offer inviting and secure spaces to allow individuals to reclaim their power and confidence by challenging beliefs, dogmas, taboos, and conditioning around topics such as emotions, sexuality, orgasm, their energy body, and ecstasy.

Enable slow sex, awareness, and pleasure, honor the body and soul, and touch the divine within oneself, extending the traditions of Tantra and fin’amore depicted in medieval times into today’s society.

We are committed to working towards respect and solidarity between men and women, within their gender and together on this Earth

To assist our society and today’s humans in creating authentic and caring relationships, based on grounded, regulated, and sacred sexuality.

For whom?

You are a soul of divine essence in a human body, experiencing life on Earth. And there is no aspect that is more or less divine or sacred than the other!

You are a whole.

You are endowed with wonderful and beautiful talents and gifts for this world. And there is a reason why you are here!

We need YOU!

And you are here to discover. So, let’s play this game of life to the fullest: Embrace all these potentials, the power of transformation, and manifestation to live our best life!

Let’s stay open and surprised in the face of the miracles of life

You are a miracle yourself. You have inherent value. You can believe in yourself!

Because we all look forward to seeing you shine

It’s your turn NOW!

Love to the fullest and remember who you are.
Take YOUR freedom, commit to your life; it’s your gift on Earth
It’s NOW!

May our work and efforts contribute to the healing of wounds nestled in the hearts of men and women, and in their relationships. May we participate in the emergence of a flourishing humanity.

Céline et Karl

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