Tantra Workshops and Retreats in Fifty Shades

Tantra Workshops and Retreats in Fifty Shades

Unique Tantra workshops in France for couples and singles Open to all life adventurers committed to a path of personal, spiritual, and sexual development.

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Co-facilitated by its founder Karl Di Foggia (recognized trainer in Tantra and tantric massage, psycho-corporal therapist, sex therapist, and Love Coach) and his partner Céline Dalverny (Tantra facilitator, psycho-practitioner in the Path to Being method)

Cinquante Nuances de Tantra offers therapeutic tantra workshops:

Their tantra workshops are a reference in France in the field of therapeutic tantra, combining encounters, pleasure, sensuality, trust, consent, connection, well-being, and conscious kink in intimate relationships.

Discover here our various unique and original themes for mixed Tantra workshops for couples and singles, in France

Beyond fears, meet your true desire and inner freedom!

Dare to address taboo subjects about sexuality, anger, death, money, power beyond fears and projections. See how you relate to these energies and connect with the treasures and life messages they hold for you!

Intense workshop for tantrikas and explorers on the path.




Reconcile with your sexual energy:

Desire, innocence, connection, pleasure, and sensuality to embrace your orgasmic and ecstatic power fully.

Transform your intimacy by taking the path of the tantric lover and sacred sexuality.

Rediscover intimacy, vitality, and life energy!

Come together in a dedicated space and share quality time to reconnect, nourish, and revisit your relationship as a couple:

Deepen the quality of presence, communication, and consent. Explore shadows, learn to be oneself without losing oneself in the relationship, and reconnect with a vibrant and revitalizing sexuality.

Transform your love relationship by embracing the path of sacred sexuality.


Indulge yourself in the pleasure of soft and sensual ropes.

Discover and learn the ancient arts of Shibari and Tantra: Creating connection and intimacy with your partner to share a meditative and sensual space.

Workshop open to beginners and more advanced practitioners.

Advanced workshop in shadow work practices, conscious kink, gender fluid, and tantric BDSM.

Workshop reserved for those who have already completed Dark Eros I with us and wish to meet other Dark Heroes in a space for exploring freedoms and kinky experiences.


A special space only for women to journey towards their inner power and grounded femininity.

So that the magic of Tantra accompanies you with a new radiance!


Why participate in a Tantra workshop?

We are particularly attentive to ensuring that you can experience these moments in a gentle setting, with utmost kindness.

Everything will be conducive to experiencing the magic of Tantra and the celebration of the senses!

A powerful transformation towards a life as loving, joyful, and fun as you can imagine!
- Céline -

The experiences you will live in our Tantra workshops:

We will offer a program from morning until evening,
with playful experiences that will be practiced alone,
with a partner
or with several partners of the opposite sex, or not.
We adapt to the pace of the group, and we have some surprises in store for you!

What is unique with us and what you won't find elsewhere!

We are a couple who have been journeying through life and Tantra for almost 12 years.

In our shared life and in co-creating and co-facilitating our Tantra workshops, we constantly adapt our vision based on the group’s energy and what resonates within us.

Our Tantra workshops are unique spaces for transformation and evolution for all life adventurers!

The format of our 4 to 5-day Tantra workshops and the limited number of participants (up to 20 people) allow for a deep dive into oneself and meaningful work. Here, hiding behind numbers and crowds is not possible; each individual needs to be seen and heard for genuine growth.

Thanks to the trust and security we bring to our positioning and in our framework and your charter that we embody, you can relax and immerse yourself in the proposed experiences, better navigate healings, awareness, and confidence-building, and grow and evolve together.

In our Tantra workshops, it’s structured, creatively alive, and varied: there’s never the same structure in the same place twice, the music changes, and so do the people, making each workshop composed of unique individuals and moments! We are part of life, adapting with the current and its movement.

A feminine and masculine presence to guide you, allowing you to experience and overcome blockages with confidence, and accompanying you with kindness in profound transformational spaces.

Céline has been in (trans)formation for 7 years: in personal development and completing a 2-year Tantra facilitator training with Tantra Arc en Ciel, she is currently in the second year of psycho-practitioner training, Chemins vers l’Être method.

Karl is a psycho-practitioner, psycho-corporal therapist, energy healer, love coach, and exceptional masseur. You will benefit from his 10 years of expertise in individual and couple accompaniment, as well as his skills as a referring trainer.

Specifically chosen workshop locations for Tantra:

We are sensitive to the energetic quality of the place and the hosts who welcome our workshops.

For this reason, we take care to choose exceptional places, particularly harmonious, that can support our work of connection and love on all levels.

A cozy cottage with beautiful materials, a place full of energy and inviting for rejuvenation, the presence of a beautiful practice room with a parquet floor.
An environment conducive to relaxation, preferably with a pool, so that everyone can recharge and be in contact with nature.

Around Grenoble and Valence, within 2.5 hours from Marseille, Geneva, and Paris (Valence TGV)

Our retreat and charming locations

Find all the information about the cottages on the event pages.

They talk about it with Love!


Choisissez de faire différemment et passez à l'action !

September 2024
Sep 30
30 September 2024
Espace Yoga Lotus Préverenges, Route de Lausanne 21
Préverenges, 1028 Suisse
November 2024
Nov 04
04 November 2024
Gite Grand Maison, 225 Impasse Grand Maison
Auberives en Royans, Isère 38680 France
Nov 11

Prêt à nous rejoindre sur le chemin du Tantra ?

Emprunter un chemin des arts de la connaissance de soi, de l'amour et de la sensualité

Si vous avez des questions ou souhaitez vous inscrire, un entretien téléphonique préalable est demandé.

Nous serons ravi de répondre à vos questions et de faire votre connaissance.

– Céline Et Karl –

What the FAQ !

  • Our Tantra workshops are primarily designed for individuals who are already comfortable with their bodies and have experience in tantra, yoga, theater, meditation, or personal development. If you are a complete beginner and wish to participate, please contact me by phone for an interview. See the article: Discovering Tantra.
  • Our workshops are not suitable for individuals who are psychologically or emotionally unstable, nor for those under anti-psychotic or psychiatric treatment.
  • By participating in our workshops, you expressly release the facilitators, the team, and the owners of the workshop venues from any responsibility for the physical or psychological consequences that may arise from your participation.

Please bring comfortable and loose clothing, a sarong, a blanket, a blindfold, a water bottle, and a spare T-shirt. For massages and practices, bring two large towels/bath linens, a sarong or blanket, your favorite massage oil (organic coconut oil works perfectly!), and a blindfold for the eyes.

Your free choice will be respected within the group, dressed, in complete or partial nudity according to your preference. You can wear your sarong or keep your clothes on or not.

Yes, we work in pairs based on numbers and not necessarily gender. We use random selection or choice structures to form a pair for the duration of a practice.

Tantra is a magic of relationships that operates well beyond the limits we set for ourselves: gender, sex, polarity, orientation… It is indeed heart-to-heart where the magic happens. Therefore, we have chosen to work with people who wish, regardless of their gender, orientation, or sexual preference. You may work for the duration of an exercise or the entire workshop with a male or female partner. If you wish to work exclusively with a partner of the opposite gender/sex, we invite you to register with that person.

Participating in a tantra workshop will provide you with the inspiration and tools you need to develop your confidence and presence in your future relationships. We also observe that aligning yourself with your desires by making a commitment (such as attending this retreat) can help you evolve radically in your life.

This experience is designed to be an intensive course and an evolutionary step in your personal, emotional, and sexual life, which will resonate in many other aspects of your life such as relationships with your parents, your boss, your children, at work with colleagues, and also at home with your partner.

We offer our work, and there is no obligation except for self-respect and respect for others. We honor your limits. If you inform us before a practice, you’ll have your time. If you’ve already started the practice, we’ll suggest you stay in a corner of the room to take care of yourself. We’ll simply ask you a few questions to understand what’s activated for you on this subject.

Some inspirations, articles, and videos on Tantra

How to reconcile Tantra and Dark Eros

I wonder if these workshops are suitable for me

Why Conscious Kink?

Ready to join us on the path of Tantra?

Embark on a journey of self-discovery, love, and sensuality through the arts.

If you have any questions or wish to register, a preliminary phone interview is required.

We will be delighted to answer your questions and get to know you.

– Céline Et Karl –

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