Tantric Retreat – Summer Workshop

A Tantra workshop for couples and singles, open to all life adventurers committed to a path of personal development

We will have the opportunity to deepen the basic concepts of Tantra, sacred feminine and masculine, the three keys of Tantra, divine union, dance, corporality, and massages related to sexual healing.

What these Tantra workshops offer you.

    • Becoming more conscious and present with oneself and others in relationships.

    • Learning to accept, refuse, give, receive in a relationship.  

    • Experiencing one’s needs and limits within consent.

    • Developing self-confidence to be confident with others.

    • Expressing emotions: laughter, tears, singing, shouting, dancing in a supportive environment.

    • Connecting and reconnecting the energies of your sexuality with your heart.

    • Experiencing your energy body and chakras.

    • Honoring your sexual power as a man or a woman.

    • Nourishing self-esteem and developing a deep connection with yourself and in your relationships.

    • Cultivating a more vibrant and connected sexual energy.

    • An immersion in your inner joy and creative expression.

    • Meeting other beautiful individuals who, like you, are on the path.

    • Living a series of experiences that will change your life as a man or a woman!

    • The possibility of living your life to its full potential and feeling radiant.

We are particularly attentive to ensuring that you can experience these moments in a setting of gentleness, with kindness and safety.

Everything will be conducive to experiencing the magic of Tantra and the senses in contact with a generous and gentle nature.

A powerful transformation towards a life as loving, joyful, and fun as you can imagine!

In the agenda for you in these Tantra workshops:

We will offer a program from morning until evening, with playful experiences practiced alone, in groups, or in pairs, preferably with a partner of the opposite sex. In broad strokes, as we adapt to the group’s pace, and we have some surprises in store for you!

    • Return to the body and simplicity,

    • Creative and intuitive dances

    • meeting with other beautiful individuals like you on the path of the heart,

    • Active and guided meditations

    • Energy and emotional cleansings

    • Active breathwork to circulate energy and reconcile sex and heart,

    • Exploration of the energy body and chakras?

    • Experiences and relational games in pairs and within the group,

    • Awakening of the senses and sharing of pleasures,

    • exploration of the polarities in the relationship: consent, choice, limits, needs, desires, asking, accepting, refusing, giving, receiving, archetypes,

    • tantric massages and the magic of sacred touch,

    • tantric ritual of nudity,

    • Circles of discussions and authentic sharing.

    •  More specifically, you will have the opportunity to experience shamanic breathing, a sacred circle for Women/Men, an in-depth tantric massage ritual, and beautiful and profound experiences.

=> No sexual acts (intercourse) are practiced during the workshop.

What you won’t find elsewhere and is unique with us

We are a loving and united couple who have been on the Tantra path for 7 years. As in our shared life, we co-create and co-facilitate this Tantra workshop together, sharing our vision and experience with you.

With a feminine and masculine presence, we guide you, allowing you to experience and overcome your blocks with confidence, accompanying you with kindness in deep spaces of transformation.

Karl is a body-mind therapist and energy worker, so you will benefit from his 10 years of expertise in individual, couple, and group guidance and training.

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Imagine a secluded place in the Ardèche mountains at an altitude of 1200m, a splendid panorama stretching as far as the eye can see from Mont Ventoux to Mont Blanc..

You walk through a forest with a thousand scents, sounds, and colors, dotted with statues of Balinese deities…

It feels like a dream, and yet it’s reality

    • Four hectares of wild nature and two peaks are just for us, without neighbors…

    • Even nudity is allowed for those who want to feel free to live this exquisite experience.

    • On this property, a large stone house bathed in the summer sun warmly welcomes us.

    • And as if by magic, a jacuzzi and a 20m pool to cool off and see the stars in the firmament!

Do you dream of a Tantra workshop in a magical place, with intense practices and living at the pace of vacations?

Take the time to meet and share with beautiful people who, like you, are in search of authenticity, spontaneity, respect, kindness, connection, celebration, and shared joys…

Do you enjoy having time to recharge, move your body, and its energies:

    • dance, sing, take a nap, meditate,

    • commune with nature: the birds, the sun, the moon, the sometimes shooting stars, the wind, the trees, the landscape,

    • eat healthily

    • meet others and yourself!

The price per person includes the workshop facilitation with two facilitators for the 6 days.

Arrival on Friday, August 7: possible arrival from 4:00 PM to enjoy the surroundings, welcome at 7:00 PM, followed by a shared dinner and the start of the introduction circle at 9:00 PM. The workshop ends around 3:00 PM after lunch on Thursday, August 13.

    • Early bird : 690 € solo, 650€ per couple. 

    • Standard : 750 € solo, 690 € per couple.

    • Friendship : Talk to your friends, and for each person who signs up thanks to you, you will receive a cumulative discount of €100 for yourself and €100 for your friend.

Accommodation package in dormitory, camping, or under the stars, including access to the cottage, pool, jacuzzi, and the temple: +€200.

A few individual or couple rooms are available in the cottage, as well as 2 superb wooden chalets (for couples), with an additional charge of €20 to €45 per night.

Self-managed meals: Please bring a prepared dish for 4/6 people and organic fruits and vegetables, as well as your own breakfasts. Meals will be prepared as a group in a friendly and sharing atmosphere.

COVID GUARANTEE: If for any reason we have to cancel this workshop, or if you have confirmed COVID symptoms by a doctor before this workshop, your reservation will be fully refunded

Do you have any doubts or questions?

We will be delighted to provide you with information!
For those joining us for the first time, a phone interview is necessary before making your reservation!

Call us (phone, WhatsApp, Messenger):

Karl : 06 24 41 01 86,  and I respond to your emails. :  karl (@) karldifoggia.fr
Céline : 06 84 04 43 21

I reserve my spot

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