Welcome to you on the path of Tantra.

Welcome to you on the path of Tantra.

Céline et Karl vacances

Thank you for your trust and curiosity on this journey of life that is Tantra!

Meditation, consent, relationship arts, intimacy, healing the past, opening to pleasure, and savoring the ecstasy of being oneself, quite a program!

We are delighted to meet you and share all our information, offerings, articles, and a few surprises.

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Inner Journey:

energetic Tantra practice for your consciousness and feeling. https://youtu.be/ZrwE929Uqbs

20 minutes for your couple:

The Queen/King’s Seat – Tantra practice to nourish your connection. https://youtu.be/t8A6kZI0CKA

Find more resources and inspirations in videos on our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqHWw646nfbME2Nyp5FRI4g

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Finally, for discerning readers, check out the articles on the homepage of the website, as well as our various offerings of Tantra workshops for a daring experience!

In the joy of meeting you, and with all our Love,

Céline and Karl


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