What is Tantra

Tantra as a spiritual path

Tantra is a path of expanding our consciousness that positively incorporates sexual energy as a gateway to the Divine.

It is a spirituality grounded in the body and a true art of living in the present moment, at the heart of the relationship with oneself, others, and the environment.

It embraces all experiences of life, transforming them into experiences of consciousness.

In Tantra, it is said that the state of Samadhi or awakening is already present within us; it is about dropping the veils of ignorance that prevent us from fully savoring it. To transform our fears, limitations, and wounds, to set in motion our sexual and loving energies, and to ride them to ecstasy. This is where the meaning of sacred sexuality comes from.

Sacred Sexuality

The physical body here is a gateway to encounter the divine, and as the practice unfolds, freed from its tensions, it becomes a wonderful tool at our disposal to refine the five senses, experience the energy body, and amplify consciousness.

The practices and rituals suggested are not strict rules to be followed, but exercises to promote a receptive state and grounding in the present moment, facilitating the mystical experience of ecstasy or expanded consciousness.

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